Responsive Design

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Let's Cut Right to the Chase

Chances are, you're looking to improve upon your existing web design, or you are shopping for your first website. Welcome to the cutthroat world of web design where almost everyone seems to be an expert. Let's separate the truth from the lies and give you some information you can use.

  1. Web design companies today don't usually 'design' websites. They begin the process by choosing a predesigned template and filling in the pages for the content you want. They merely pretend to know what they're doing while banking on a few useful idiots to play into their traps.
  2. These so-called 'web designers' offer Wordpress (blogs) as their finished product and charge you for 'routine maintenance' to keep you on the hook for more income. Starbucks coffee isn't cheap.
  3. Most web designers know very little about search engine optimization (SEO) and rely on Wordpress plugins such as Yoast to make it look like they work so they can charge you for such things as site maintenance and SEO.
  4. These 'web design companies' have little to no actual experience in showing any measurable gains for their clients. It's all about sucker-punching the client with a slick looking template and collecting the checks.
  5. What about marketing? Web design companies will finish your hack-job of a product and hand it over to you for approval. Then what? Are you going to make it do anything? It's no wonder so many small business websites fail to improve the bottom line. These 'web designers' don't know anything beyond their 'slick sales' processes.
  6. These Starbucks hacks are easy to find! All you have to do is examine the written text within their pages. You'll find dozens of 'keywords' and silly phrases ridiculously repeated throughout their websites. Trust me when I tell you, stuffing words for Google's attention is all the 'skilled SEO experience' these jokers know how to apply.

Wow! They Are a Joke! So, Now What?

Don't follow the failed paths of what others are doing! I'll make your business website unique and ready for every device out there. My specialty (other than designing in itself) is Google marketing. Without it, your new (or updated) website will do nothing to increase your bottom line. I guarantee real results that are not only measurable, but visible as well.

On A Small Budget? Get The Best in Starter Sites!

This site is custom-built using hand coding. Some cannot afford the time it takes to create a custom website but want to get the best they can within a smaller budget. I'll take any build and make it a powerhouse for traffic and profits. Don't believe me? Call on these fine businesses!

Davidus Cigars has 11 Maryland store locations and dominates the area for Baltimore, Annapolis, Owings Mills, Frederick, and more.
Waynesboro Web Designer for The Waynesburger and more area businesses in Baltimore, Hagerstown, Gettysburg, and more.

If you want to build a larger client base, earn customer trust, and have solid growth for your business, take a moment to call me at (301) 355-0805.

Get measurable growth for as little as $49.99 per month without long-term contracts.

Include Responsive Video

Enjoy this sample clip which I've used to demonstrate how you can have responsive video on your website at any time. Go ahead and change the size of your desktop browser window, rotate your phone, etc, and see how responsive media can work for you. Whatever your business may need, I can handle the request to make everything look great on every device.